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ISO Tamer Condition


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ISO Tamer Condition rids hair of fly-aways and leaves a smooth glossy finish. Recommended for textured or natural unruly, frizzy hair. Experience the benefits of Tamer Condition.

Features & Benefits:
Locks in moisture and controls frizz
Smoothes hair to a sleek finish
Enables smooth combing

Formulated with these ingredients:
ISOamine and Guar Gum- Soften internal bonds of hair for smoother combing and long-lasting straightening.
Amino Silicone- Smoothes hair and provides long-lasting conditioning without buildup.
Cationic Conditioners- Ease comb-through and add volume.
Humectants- Balance moisture levels for smooth and frizz-free hair.
Lanolin- A highly effective moisturizer and conditioner that smoothes, calms, and softens hair.
Safflower Seed Oil- A natural emollient and anti-oxidant that prevents moisture loss and creates a smooth appearance.

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